About Us

Serving the Pacific Northwest

Timber Sale Planning, Harvest Contracts and Administration

Put our 30 years of experience in timber sale administration and log marketing to work for you. Our specialty is in maximizing timber value to the landowner through optimized bucking. If you are not familiar with competitive log marketing, the pitfalls of Scribner Scale, and the numerous market niches for specialty logs, call and we can help. We'll do just the marketing or take your timber sale from start to finish.

Timber Mangagement Plans

Timber management plans are a must for property tax reclassification applications and can save the landowner thousands of dollars in property taxes. A plan can also increase your eligibility for U.S. government funding on certain forest health projects and they'll even pay for the cost of the plan!

Professional Timber Cruising and Valuation

Whether you are buying, selling or just establishing a base value for your timber, we can help. We cruise and appraise old growth, second growth and reproduction. We have teamed up with licensed appraisers to provide full package appraisals for both timber and land.

Reforestation Services

We provide reforestations services! Let us plant your trees and spray your brush. Thirty years in the business has taught us that your first effort in reforestation is your best chance to establish full stocking. We can help you decide on the right genetic stock for your site, when to plant and site preparation alternatives. Once your stand is established, you may need stocking control or brush release. Timing is critical. Everyone has opinions on this! Call us and we'll share ours.

DNR Forest Practice Permit Applications

We keep up-to-date on all current and new State and County forest practice rules. Regulations and jurisdictions change often. There are now exemptions for small landowners on stream buffers and cost share programs for culvert replacements. Call us to see if you qualify.

Forest Health Assessment

Root disease is the major forest health problem we face on the westside of the Cascades, insects and fire hazards are threatening the forests on the eastside. We help in assessing these problems and offer practical treatment solutions.

Forest Practices Wetland/RMZ Determination

Wetland and riparian buffers are our specialty. We are experienced with all of the regulations and can assist you in meeting your goals.

Forest Road Design and Layout

By assisting the landowner with practical road designs we can eliminate or minimize road failures during the harvest season. Knowing when to spend money on all-weather roads or when to construct temporary roads are often decisions that requires long term thinking.

Photo Typing and Mapping

Using the latest online GIS tools from various sources. Call us for the latest maps and photos of your site.

Road Maintenance and Abandonment Plans

Washington State rules require Road Maintenance Plans for most forest landowners. We're experienced in over 150 miles of road assessments, plans and maintenance schedules.

Stream Crossings; Big and Small

Let us offer you several stream crossing options: Bridges, arches, culverts, and fish passage designs. We will help you with selection, engineering and installations.